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Bull Moose’s team of experienced professionals specialize in quickly delivering superior natural gas compression and power generating solutions


Use our capital to your advantage. We offer rentals, rent to own, and long term leases on our equipment. We also offer cash-lease back on existing infrastructure.

Some of the ways this capital advantage can be useful

  • Maximizes capital available to grow reserves and production.
  • Less expensive than manufacturer rental rates.
  • Increases return on capital invested.
  • Reduces project payout time.
  • Provides solutions for opportunities when internal funds are not available.
  • Allows producers more flexibility to order equipment closer to production date than a year in front when needs are uncertain.
  • Manageable monthly payments that start when production starts.


Bull Moose Capital has the largest fleet of natural gas compression and power generation in Canada. We likely have an excellent fit for your application.

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Bull Moose’s professional engineering team works diligently to ensure our solution is optimized for your application. We have the experience to design and manage complex overhauls and retrofits on time and on budget.


Our clients rest easy knowing that the products they receive have been inspected, maintained, and are ready to be incorporated into their company’s success story.

  • Our ABSA PEIMS (Owner-User Pressure Equipment Integrity Management Requirements) ensures we actively manage and maintain our pressure equipment.
  • PSVs are always reset before each deployment.
  • Device Calibration testing is completed across the package with inspection tags and reports to be provide.
  • Control Valves are pressure tested to ensure leaks are reduced.
  • As Built drawings are produced based on the scope of the lease.
  • It is standard for us to paint and test run our packages before each deployment.

Ask us about other integrity initiatives that we provide as a standard for our clients.


Bull Moose performs routine safety inspections and utilizes a comprehensive third-party to provide real time feedback in areas that can be improved. When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of the company’s employees, contractors, and its community, everyone has a voice and everyone is heard.


The nature of our business model encourages the redeployment of existing new and surplus equipment. We utilize our engineering team combined with our capabilities to further retrofit our equipment to provide a more eco-friendly solution while maximizing client capital.

We also review potential emissions issues with regards to regulatory codes such as MASPR and Directive 60 which we can also provide solutions to. Each unit is shipped with a qualified MASPR emission testing port installed regardless of the engine age. Our corporate commitment encourages us to invest with our clients in innovative technologies to push the envelope in becoming an environmental leader.


What makes Bull Moose Capital a successful company? It’s our experienced team of industry professionals backed with our company culture. Easy to work with and always eager to get the job done.