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Everything listed below is owned and managed by Bull Moose Capital. If you don’t see what you’re looking for let us know as not all available equipment is shown.

Stock & Surplus

The below stock equipment is available for purchase, rental or lease.

HorsepowerDriverCompressor TypeService
30 HP Ford LRG-425 Quincy Recip Sweet 
95 HP Caterpillar G3304NA Gemini M302 Sweet 
95 HP Caterpillar G3304NA Gemini H302 Sweet/Sour 
99 HP Cummins 8.3 (99 HP) CiP PXT/2 / Gemini H302 Sweet 
100 HP Electric Motor Ariel JGQ/2 Sweet 
145 HP Caterpillar G3306NA Ariel JGA/2 / Gemini HPD, H302 Sweet 
145 HP Caterpillar G3306NA Ariel JGA/2 Sour 
188 HP Cummins G855 Ariel JGA/2 Sour 
200 HP Caterpillar G3306NA/TA Gemini H302 Sour 
200 HP Caterpillar G3306TA Ariel JGA/2 Sour 
215 HP Caterpillar G3406NA Ariel JGA/2 / Gemini H302 Sweet/Sour 
300 HP Electric Motor Ariel JG Sour 
325 HP Caterpillar G3406TA Gemini H304 Sour 
400 HP Waukesha F18GL Ariel JGJ/4 Sweet 
400 HP Waukesha F18GL Ariel JGJ/2 Sour 
530 HP Waukesha H24GL Ariel JGJ/4 Sour 
530 HP Waukesha H24GL Ariel JGJ/2 Sweet 
530 HP Waukesha H24GL Ariel JGJ/2 / Gemini A354 Sour 
605 HP Waukesha F2895GSI Ariel JGK/2 Sweet 
738 HP Waukesha F3521GSI Ariel JGK/2 Sweet 
810 HP Caterpillar G3512TA-LE Ariel JGK/2 Sweet 
810 HP Caterpillar G3512TA-LE Gemini DS602 Sweet 
810 HP Caterpillar G3512TA-LE Ariel JGH/4 Sour 
1005 HP Caterpillar G3512TA-LE Ariel JGE/4 Sweet 
1085 HP Caterpillar G3516LE Ariel JGK/4 Sweet 
1085 HP Caterpillar G3516TAW Gemini DS604/3 Sweet 
1150 HP Caterpillar G3516LE/AFRC Ariel JGT/4 Sour 
1250 /1280 HP Waukesha L5774LT Ariel JGK/4 Sweet/Sour 
1450 HP Waukesha L5794LT Ariel JGK/4 Sour 
1480 HP Waukesha L7042GL Ariel JGK/4 / Gemini E604 Sweet/Sour 
1480 HP Waukesha L7042GSI Ariel JGK/4 Sweet/Sour 
1480 HP Caterpillar G3520B Ariel JGD/2 Sweet 
1680 HP Waukesha L7044GSI Ariel JGK/4 Sweet/Sour 
1680 HP Waukesha L7044GSI Ariel JGD/4 Sweet 
2370 HP Caterpillar G3608TAW Ariel JGC/4 Sweet 
3550 / 3750 HP Caterpillar G3612LE Ariel KBZ/4 Sour 
30 HP Ford LRG-425 Tamrotor E6, 6DG Sweet 
45 HP Ford 300 Gardner Denver SSE / Tamrotor E12, 12DGT Sweet 
50 HP Electric Motor RoFlo 211M Sour 
60 HP Arrow VRG 330 Sullair PDH12 / Tamrotor E12DGT, Enduro 12, 25DG, E12DG, E12DGT Sweet 
70 HP Cummins 5.9 Tamrotor E12DG, E12DGT Sweet 
90 HP Cummins 8.3 (99 HP) Sullair PDX16 Sweet 
95 HP Caterpillar G3304NA Gardner Denver SSH / Frick XJF 151N / Kobelco KS16LGB Sweet 
99 HP Cummins 8.3 (99 HP) Sullair PDH12 / Tamrotor E6 Sour 
99 HP Cummins 8.3 (99 HP) Tamrotor E25DG Sweet 
99 HP Cummins 8.3 (99 HP) Sullair PDH12 Sweet 
99 HP Cummins 8.3 (99 HP) Gardner Denver SSH / SSM Sweet 
188 HP Cummins G855 Gardner Denver SSM Sweet 
200 HP Caterpillar G3306TA Sullair PDR20X Sweet 
200 HP Caterpillar G3306TA Frick TDSH 233S Sweet/Sour 
200 HP Caterpillar G3306TAA Mycom 160 VLDR-222 Sweet 
200 HP Electric Motor Frick TDSH 233S Sweet 
250 HP Waukesha F11GSI Frick TDSH 233XL Sweet 
325 HP Caterpillar G3406TA Sullair PDR25X Sweet 
400 HP Waukesha F18GL Sullair PDR25X-GD Sweet 
400 HP Caterpillar G3408TA Frick TDSH 283SX Sweet 
420 HP Cummins KTA19 Gardner Denver SSY Sweet 
530 HP Waukesha H24GL Frick TDSH 355S Sweet/Sour 
530 HP Waukesha H24GL Frick TDSH 355L Sweet 
860 HP Caterpillar G3512 Frick TDSH 355XL Sour 
1000 HP Electric Motor Sullair PC40LB Sour 
1005 HP Caterpillar G3512 Frick TDSH 355S Sweet 
1150 HP Caterpillar G3516AFRC Frick TDSH 355L Sweet 
1340 HP Caterpillar G3516AFRC Frick TDSH 355L Sweet 
1475kW 480 CAT G3516C (Nat. Gas) Trailer 
200kW 480 Cummins GTA855 (Nat. Gas) Rollbar skid 
250kW 480 Waukesha F18GSID (Nat. Gas) Rollbar skid 
560kW 480 CAT G3512LE (Nat. Gas) Rollbar skid 
140kW 480 CAT 3306TA (Nat. Gas) Rollbar skid 
358kW 480 Waukesha H24GL-LCR (Nat. Gas) Liftlug Skid 
1mW 480 Kato Turbine AA28998000 (Nat. Gas)  
2mW 480 Qty 7, CAT G3520C (Nat. Gas) w/ heat recovery system